18K Gold Stingray Earrings

Pure Venom Collection by VOTIVE.


Emeralds, Black Diamonds, Red & Blue Sapphires, 18k Yellow Gold.

Two vivid emeralds are at the heart of these majestic Stingray Earrings. Its flattened body is covered by a shimmering thin layer of black diamonds and speckled with delicate blue sapphires. This spectacular pair has the ability to both glide seamlessly through any occasion and shock onlookers with their electrifying beauty.


Total Black Diamonds carats - 4.50
Total Blue Sapphires carats - 1.54
Total Red Sapphires carats - 0.11
Total Emeralds carats - 9.59

Approximate total earrings weight - 22.10 grams

18K Gold Stingray Earrings

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