18K Gold Moonlit Pines Earrings

Summer Night Collection by VOTIVE.


Iranian Turquoise, Blue Sapphires, White Diamonds, 18k Yellow Gold.

Take a stroll in the forest on a warm summer night and feel the softness of the moss underfoot, as the moon illuminates the branches and brings peace and tranquillity to the surroundings. Stirred by these visions, VOTIVE offers you these superb Moonlit Pines Earrings, featuring organic Iranian turquoise and naturally shaped blue sapphires.


Total White Diamonds carats - 1.05
Total Yellow Diamonds carats - 0.06
Total Uncut Blue Sapphires carats - 3.33
Total Green Turquoise carats - 84.50


Approximate total earrings weight - 26.99 grams

18K Gold Moonlit Pines Earrings

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