18K Gold Maasai Mara Earrings with Fire Opal

Africa collection by VOTIVE.


The Maasai Mara is one of the world finest wildlife reserves. It is a place where one can witness some of
the most rare and spectacular sights, with unique and often dangerous fauna grazing in its natural habitat.
These Maasai Mara earrings appropriately portray the vibrancy and diversity of this natural wonder, with the
Mexican Fire Opal representing the spectacular orange sunsets, above a set of multicoloured sapphires.


18K Yellow Gold
Total Diamond carats - 0.38
Total Orange Sapphire carats - 1.39
Total Red Sapphire carats - 0.99
Total Blue Sapphire carats - 2.52
Total Green Sapphire carats - 1.92
Total Pink Sapphire carats - 0.79
Total Fire Opal carats - 4.50


Dimensions: Length 65 mm, Width 20 mm.

18K Gold Maasai Mara Earrings with Fire Opal

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