18K Gold Fractal Frost Earrings

Northern Lights Collection by VOTIVE.

Paraibas, Pink Tourmalines, White Diamonds, 18k White Gold.


The windowpane frosts over in a glistening pattern of self-replicating beauty. The closer you look the more you discover a hypnotic symmetry that can only be described as Fractal Frost which inspired these paraiba, tourmaline and white diamond Fractal Frost Earrings.


Total White Diamonds carats - 0.92
Total Yellowish Diamonds carats - 1.03
Total Tourmaline Pink carats - 3.55
Total Tourmaline Paraiba carats - 53.77


Approximate total earrings weight - 24.86 grams

18K Gold Fractal Frost Earrings

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