18K Gold Dynasty D’Azure Earrings

Lace Collection by VOTIVE.


Chrysoprase, Brown and White Diamonds, 18k White Gold.

Each generation strives to improve on its predecessors’, whilst still carrying into the future the fundamentals of class and style.
The Dynasty D’Azure Earrings & Pendant represent such perfect union of tradition and innovation.
The alluring chrysoprase stone, featured boldly on the face of the jewel, is encased within a star shaped, lace-inspired setting on the inverse. This unique design allows the piece to be worn on either side, as fancy may take it.


Total White Diamonds carats - 2.47
Total Brown Diamonds carats - 0.79
Total Chrysoprase carats - 18.93


Approximate total earrings weight - 17.80 grams

18K Gold Dynasty D’Azure Earrings

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